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  • Know your options & when to choose which
  • Legally cut your taxes by up to 100%
  • Incorporate overseas, Tax plan, Establish Safe Havens

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Never Too Small

We're helping entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees.
From 7-figure businesses to developers and remote tutors.

Never Too Early

Whether you plan for the future, or already operate with a revenue stream, early action is key. Make educated decisions with your future moves.

Holistic & Personal

Residency, Incorporation and Taxes work together. What you do, where you're from and what you aspire for - define your custom action plan.

Obscene Taxes. Running Fees. Cost of Living.

Working with hundreds of Entrepreneurs over the years, the reasons driving us all to go global and seek freedom are obvious, yet our stories are so diverse.

Digital Nomads Optimizing for Efficiency

Families Looking for a Better Home

Startup Founders Employing Dozens

Solo Online Marketers


Remote Language Teachers

7-figure Digital Currency Investors

YouTubers & Content Creators

All looking for more freedom, less bureaucracy, more common sense.
Each - requiring an entirely different approach, considering dozens of factors.

All asking the same exact question:

What Are My Options?

Our Sole Mission, is to Answer this One Question

As precisely, accurately & professionally as possible -
By tailoring a solution to your needs, the visible ones and the hidden.

A short minute from now, we’ll be able to answer it for you.

Whether you’re a Digital Nomad, an Entrepreneur employing a team of 5 in Barcelona, a Freelancer, or someone who aspires to be either location independent or strategically choose his next home -

Failing to know the answer to that one question, is putting you at an immediate disadvantage, limits your freedom, costs you a fortune and makes you vulnerable to being pushed towards Arbitrary solutions that do not fit, and do not work.

One might rightfully assume, that with the abundance of information online, and the ever growing need for the service, finding a solution that perfectly fits your case, would be quick and easy. As it should be.

Spending a mere day on research, disappointedly proves the contrary, surprisingly leading to a series of dead ends, and more confusion.

There are 3 precise flaws being the reason for it, which you better get to know.

Existing Solutions. Their Flaws. How We Fixed Them.

Existing solutions, can be grouped into 3 often overlapping categories, each presenting a common flaw:

1 )  Experts in one Jurisdiction, offering clients one single solution, lacking an overview of worldwide possibilities.

2 )  Specialists in Company Setup, lacking the Immigration know-how supporting your process and decisions regarding establishing new tax domicile and life abroad.

3 )  High-End Agencies oriented towards the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, offering high-cost solutions tailored to that clientele.

Boots on the Ground?

Maybe most importantly, nearly all experts, lack the ‘ boots on the ground ’  & entrepreneurial experience, seeing their solutions work in real life over time.

We Had to Do Better.

Working with each of those ourselves, we knew things had to improve, and knew exactly how. In our past 14 years as entrepreneurs, we've faced the same challenges ourselves, growing 4 online businesses from scratch.

Living in 35 countries got us boots of the ground experience in banking, incorporation, taxes & reports ( or lack there of! ), residencies and even citizenships in the process.

That has uniquely equipped our small team to solve the challenges of the ever growing Digital Nomad community and beyond, presenting a much needed, wholesome, new & fresh approach to disrupt our industry:

Never Too Small, Never Too Early.

Let's break 3 common, and frankly - DANGEROUS, misconceptions:

1 )  There’s No ‘ Too Small ’.
Planning a global operation should NOT be reserved to the 7 figure earners.

While some of our users indeed are in this group, the fact of the matter is - even an average example of saving €1000 in taxes + €500 in operational costs each month, combined with an ability to live hassle & bureaucracy free at a location 5x more affordable, is what enables you to have the time, resources and peace of mind you need to join that 7 figure club, or improve your life quality & free up your time.

We tailor particularly low cost options for businesses billing under €100k a year, while applying the same philosophy of value to our bigger clients.

2 )  You’re Never ‘ Too Early ’.
Early means simpler both now and in the future.

Being properly globally set early, means any future scaling is done from a much better and simpler position, preemptively protecting you from a potential ‘exit tax’ arising in few western countries, and additional procedures, planning and fees required of moving an established, extensive operation with a high turnover and a large team.

3 )  Registering a Company offshore is Not Enough.
Having a holistic, all-round custom tailored plan, is vital.

We focus on doing everything legally. There’s no real reason not to.
That is precisely why, our approach takes all aspects of moving your operation overseas in a tax friendly way holistically, leaving no aspect behind. Considering caveats relating to your country of origin, new residencies, your needs as an entrepreneur, payment gateways, banking, investing, nomadic lifestyle or possible migration, planning for every step of your journey, possible expansion, and future moves. We’re helping build future proof plans that take all contingencies into account.

Let’s Do It!

We’ve been consulting entrepreneurs as an agency for a while now.
Bringing our operation online, we’ve optimized our offers for maximum ease:

  • 1 )

    Our All-Round Online Course

Helping you understand your options, showing case studies, demonstrating contingencies and giving you a feel and an idea of the benefits each option holds, relaying information in a simple and concise manner, without making you go through a PhD in international law, immigration and accounting.

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One Time Purchase

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Expected Launch: July 2023

  • 2 )

    Personal Global Planning
    (Launch Special! -50%)

Our proven 3-step planning process consists of:

  • a In-Depth Phone Call
    understanding your situation, goals and needs.
  • b Research, Assembly and Development
    of a plan that addresses all of your needs, presented as a complete PDF report, within a week.
  • c Follow-up Q&A Phone Call
    addressing any questions you might have.

Things we’ll cover

Here's what our custom report will cover for you,
and some of the unique scenarios & needs we're dealing with daily:

Which country to incorporate your business at

Type of entity best suited for your turnover scale

Choosing a new country of domicile that fits your needs

Preparations for your future expected growth - plan for crossing turnover thresholds

Trading stocks, bonds & commodities with no capital gains taxes

Global Banking &
Payment Gateways in different jurisdictions

Migration of self employed individuals & young families

International real estate operations

Setting the right outlook at your home country

Digital currency investment havens, startup hubs, dropshipping structures

And countless other unique individual cases...
With in-depth explanation of how & why.

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One Time Purchase

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  • 3 )

    Global Plan Execution and Incorporation

Once Your Global Plan is set, done and ready - let us help you bring it to life!
Our network of trusted registered agents, lawyers & accountants is at your full disposal. Let us do all the heavy lifting, make the necessary connections and facilitate all you need to start operating freely as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Of course, you’re free and able to execute the plan we build for you independently on your own. Yet, with our experience and expertise, you’ll be able to do it faster, and at a lower cost, benefiting from the volume & relationships we’ve built.

We can communicate with all the relevant bodies on your behalf, in a way they understand best, bringing your personal hassle to bare minimum.

It's Time.

It may cost  €1,000 - €50,000  to have a single incorporation structure established.
Potentially more to have it running on an ongoing streamflow and operation.

Make sure you have your plan done right, and you don't make mistakes pulling a trigger on the wrong solution.

We offer to be your shield of verification on any decision of pulling the trigger and going forward.

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Take our Launch Offer Now & Build your Freedom,
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Saved € for our Clients Each Month


Average Tax & Running Costs Savings


Double Their Revenue Within a Year

Case Studies

Our customers success speaks for itself

Emma's mission was opening a company that would allow her easy access to Amazon US & UK- while having minimal tax, bureaucracy & running costs.
As a citizen of France who has been a digital nomad for the last couple of years, Emma wanted to also find a new domicile to reduce her personal fees towards her home country.

Result: Emma's new tax bill stands on 4% of her profits. Legally.

Emma G.
Amazon Seller

Josh had a particularly interesting and complicated case. A Canadian Online Marketer, living and doing business in Latin America for almost a decade, has successfully invested in Digital Currencies that took off, finding's himself in a tripe challenge:
1. Capital gains taxes upon selling the digital assets.
2. A need to move his online business to a reputable jurisdiction overseas while securing a payment gateway.
3. Due to personal reasons, arrange for a residency in EU, while avoiding high taxes.

Result: All three executed to perfection, with close to 0% in overall tax obligations, and a happy move to a Schengen EU state.

Josh M.
Online Marketer, Investor

David, a German YouTuber & Podcaster wasn't initially looking for a tax cut. His main concern, before realizing we can help with both matters, was struggling with the bureaucratic hassle & costs of opening a German company. As his turnover grew, staying a sole proprietor wasn't an option, and the cost of opening a GmbH (German Limited Liability Company) ran into €34,500, not to mention one of the highest tax rates in the world.

Result: David's new company cost 15 times less. All inclusive. With a single-digit tax rate, all while staying in Europe (and traveling the world).

David H.
YouTuber & Podcaster

Who Am I

Author Image

Bogdan Danchuk,
The Founder Behind the Easily Global Team

I Have:

  • Been boots on the ground in 35 countries of interest, meeting the lawyers, accountants, banks, policy makers and most importantly their customers - the entrepreneurs.
  • Have left a high tax OECD country, my place of origin and citizenship.
  • Got multiple residencies (and even citizenships, both Acquired and by Descent), incorporated a wide variety of company and structure types,
  • Dealt with diverse businesses as an entrepreneur - starting in tech and web services, expanding into digital enterprise, and fostering a community for innovative entrepreneurs.
  • Lived a location independent life for the past 15 years


Paid ( multiple! ) lawyers both in my home country and around the world for useless basic information I could either find online or discovered to be purely false  -  anywhere between hundreds of dollars for a mere hour to tens of thousands of dollars for few hours of their time.

To then be offered a set of up-sells of bad solutions, dangerous incorporations, useless & unjustly expensive companies, and completely unnecessary services presented as a must.

Pricing & Plans

Let's create a custom tailored & personal plan for more freedom, abundance, peace of mind and common sense for you and your business.



Self education online course

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Know what to do

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Next Step


Bring plans to life

Allow Us to Get You
All The Way There

I am only contemplating becoming a digital nomad and don't have much figured out yet. Should I even be bothering planning at this point?

YES! There couldn't be a more perfect time to plan for your next moves, and start your new venture from a clean slate.

How easy is it to change things around once I establish my new structure?

VERY. The biggest step of the way is your initial move. Once you're offshore, moving things around is something we constantly help our clients with, as their needs change and their business grows. We are always here for you.

I am not a citizen of a western state. Would you be able to help me move my operation to the EU?

YES! Of course, we have helped numerous clients from Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to moved their operation to different EU states. Startups, freelancers and marketers to name a few.

I already have an offshore structure, and have been living abroad for years. What can you do for me?

A LOT. Nearly half of our clients are folks who were rushed into some shelf product which doesn't fit them or is far from being their best option. We help you transition and restructure if necessary, or help you get full clarity on your existing structure.

“I sought accurate advice from a qualified professional understanding the full scope of challenges a nomad faces when building an action plan. EasilyGlobal made the process as easy as their name suggests. Couldn't have asked for a better value.”

Daniel T.

Set Yourself Up

The opportunity to get off the fence and hop into a life of freedom is now. Lose all hindering ties, and move forward.